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To many of us, it has always been a mystery whether or not it is possible to bring home the bacon while working as a writer. However, many successful authors who earn a living admit that offering their professional writing services on the Web is the only way for them to make a fortune. If you believe that you are talented enough to craft outstanding academic papers, then stop doing what you have no stomach for and start searching for a perfect option among many offerings.

If you don't want to quit your full-time job for some reason, then you can write part-time. On the other hand, if quitting the job you are engaged in is no longer a question, then screw up your courage to do this as soon as possible to immerse yourself in the world of freelance writing immediately. No matter what you are up to, both scenarios sound like a plan!

Read on to find out the many benefits of being engaged in one of those freelance article writing jobs offered on the Net nowadays. We don't take into account many scammers who position themselves as trustworthy providers of writing services. We talk about real article writing jobs for students and professional authors alike offered by honest websites.

Of course, if you are new to this industry, it might seem to be unbelievable for you to be able to make real money and receive regular payments every month by crafting papers on your computer as many freelancers do.

In fact, home-based article writing jobs pay much while allowing authors to work from any place and at any time. The latter ones, in their turn, usually benefit from such an opportunity and never miss on a chance to travel elsewhere with their devices at hand. What are these jobs and where one can find them? Here, we will tell you everything you should know before you decide on becoming a freelancer.

Brief Overview of Article Writing Jobs from Home

If you want to carry on your professional practice on the Net, then you should have a convenient computer and a high-speed Internet connection. Without them, it is just impossible to earn cash online. What else you will need is either a plastic credit or an e-wallet to receive your salary.

No matter whether you are going to do it part-time or full-time, you will need strong time-management skills. Many experienced authors who work on the Web utilize various methods of time management to meet all order deadlines with ease. Before starting to look for freelance article writing jobs online, make sure that you have no issues with prioritizing the tasks and following a schedule, as it is the critical success factor.

If you are not a native speaker, then you must be proficient in English. While numerous companies offering paid article writing jobs require their candidates to have a portfolio with samples of their works, others ask them to pass an English test. Here, except for the test, we expect candidates to write a test essay, so we can assess a sample of your writing. In fact, no matter what platform you are going to land, without good English skills, the effort you undertake to become a professional writer will have no effect.

Having strong research skills is another key to success. Without them, it is impossible to craft an outstanding piece. If you need to do research, there is no need to be limited to digital resources only. There are local libraries, where one can find invaluable info for their articles. Therefore, if you know how to collect information for any project, then googling "research article writing jobs" will help you find some good offerings on the market.

What you will definitely like about this kind of job is the ability to control your monthly income. Your salary will depend on the number of articles you submit in a month, your proficiency level, and the number of hours or days you need for completing the orders. In fact, you can make as much as you want. If you are not intended to receive a hefty paycheck at the end of a month, then take orders which should be submitted not earlier than in a week or two.

However, if you are a little strapped for cash, then you should take as many orders as possible and complete them as fast as you can. There are urgent assignments which should be done within hours or so. This kind of orders usually pays much more than the others. The quality of your papers is something that you have to pay attention to at first. If the tasks are done properly and submitted on time, then you can be sure that you will get all of your money without any deductions.

Why You Should Search Among Online Article Writing Jobs for Beginners

If you have a decent portfolio, much positive feedback, and lots of recommendations from your clients, then you have all the chances to land almost any platform and start earning a lot. However, what should you do if you are new to this industry and you have never written anything for money? In this case, you better look for jobs offering low income and many customers. This is how you will be able to gain the needed experience and create a presentable portfolio.

Explore the freelance market to find various websites which hire aspiring writers. If you wander about platforms for freelancers, you will see how different the salaries of beginners and experts are. Of course, never agree to work for peanuts. No matter how much experience you have, your effort should be paid fairly. On the way to becoming a professional, pay attention to these points:

1. Self-discipline

Even though there is no boss breathing down your neck, there is no time for taking the foot off the gas. Keep in mind that your future success depends on the level of your commitment and responsibility. The ability to take personal charge of earning a living distinguishes a real writer from an average lazy person who is engaged in nothing, who is on maintenance of his or her spouse or parents, but still proudly calls himself or herself a freelancer. So, being self-disciplined, you can take one of the numerous high paying article writing jobs.

2. Orders

If you decide to do it part-time, then it is better for you to establish a balance between your current job and a new one. Quitting a full-time job as fast as you start writing doesn't always make sense, especially if you don't have enough knowledge about the new industry. It is all the better if you give up your current job only when you feel that you are able to take the number of orders that will pay you a decent wage. Orders are the key factor: the more you take them, the better your salary is. To have enough of them, you should look for the website that refills its pool of tasks regularly, and does the trick here!

3. Perspective

Those who failed to become successful authors will most likely try to convince you that this way of making cash would leave you with no career prospects. However, they are so wrong! Of course, for many of us, trying to establish contacts with new clients continuously may be quite inconvenient; this is especially true when you look for customers on your own. But, if you decide on joining a website that hires writers and provides them with orders on a regular basis, then such an inconvenience becomes less of an issue. Therefore, try to go this way, and you will get a great chance to participate in various promotion programs and get extra money to your base salary.

With no doubt, you can select from many content article writing jobs offered on the Net to date or you can start looking for clients on various freelance exchanges but be ready that you will not be given well-paid orders at the very beginning of your career. However, we don't require candidates to have the relevant experience. What we expect them to do is to pass our English test and write a test essay. And if they are able to prove their knowledge of English, then they can start taking all orders they like, and those highly-paid ones are not an exception!

Hot to Avoid Dishonest Clients

Before you start writing a paper, you can ask your customer to pay you an advance payment which is up to 50% of the order cost. This is how you can steer clear of those unscrupulous clients. However, even the most honest customers not always want to make advance payments as they are afraid of being scammed by fraudulent writers too.

In this case, we encourage you to demand your money not before or after completing the paper, but in parts. This is how you can ensure a seamless flow of cash, and your customer will feel safe if they split the bills. All people understand that the less their next payment is, the higher their chances to be scammed are.

Here is how it works: you send a part of the paper to the client, he reads it and pays additionally to receive the whole masterpiece. The point is that he or she cannot get the entire article until it is fully paid for. It is a pretty good scenario for all freelancers and their clients. Therefore, when you choose among article writing online jobs, stick to the one that enables payments in parts.

You should keep in mind that there are still those who don't feel like paying any money directly to writers until their papers are fully complete as they think that authors can disappear halfway through.

Therefore, for both authors and their clients, it is better to cooperate through specialized websites which serve as mediators. is one of those platforms offering online article writing jobs for students and professionals alike.

How to Become a Professional Author

If you want to build a lucrative career in this industry, take article writing jobs online seriously. This means that you should never stop training your skills and exercising your professionalism. You should always realize which topic you are good at and which one is a hard nut for you to crack. Don't let financial advantage to get the best of you – all orders should be completed professionally and on time. Your main priority should be a satisfied customer.

You will probably have to take different orders. While some of them are easy to complete, others may require you to do some research. Therefore, you will always have to master your research skills. If you are good at collecting relevant info, know how to make a statement and understand how to support it, you are welcome to apply!

There are many writing services that hire authors but we are not that sure about their honesty. What we can do is to create perfect working conditions for you on our platform.

Take note that crafting academic papers will be challenging for you especially if you passionately pursue an aim to earn quick money. However, if your main goal is to create high-quality content and build a lucrative career step-by-step, then you can google "work from home article writing jobs" to find a good offering, or simply don't go anywhere and land our platform. Keep in mind that almost all people can start working as authors; however, many of them are very likely to fail pretty soon. Only a strong motivation, solid subject knowledge, and much effort will let you succeed in this sphere!

Best Place to Find Online Article Writing Jobs

If you are looking for a good opportunity to make a living from home in a safe and convenient way, then is what you need. For instance, if your writing is good, and you can easily craft outstanding articles on any topic, you can land our platform and get a fair wage for your great job. Before you decide on joining us, learn more info about our services on our website.

It is worth mentioning that we offer international article writing jobs so that everybody can apply no matter his or her background. With us, there is no risk of not being paid. All orders presented on our website are prepaid so that you can do your job without worrying about any financial issues. Create your profile on our website to see how easy it is to make a living from the comfort of your couch.

If you have any questions concerning particular assignments, you can always contact your clients for more info via our platform. We offer article writing part-time jobs for those who want to establish a balance between their main job or study and writing. Those who want to do it full-time are more than welcome here though.

As soon as you become a member of our team, you will be able to choose among many orders covering all possible topics. We encourage our authors to take assignments that are interesting for them to write. Today, it is easy to find the best online article writing jobs if you land a platform like ours.

If you decide to start crafting academic papers for money, then you should realize that this kind of job requires a high level of attention and commitment. All orders usually come with instructions attached to them, and it is the responsibility of freelance authors to follow them in full.

For you to craft a high-quality article, it is crucial to take into account some factors. Along with the keen understanding of the attached requirements, it is vital to stick to the specific structure of the future piece and format it in a particular citation style. Therefore, you should continuously refer to the provided instructions. This is how you will never miss anything important.

We offer a pool of orders, which include but are not limited to articles, essays, and homework assignments. Working on our platform is absolutely free of charge so that our writers can earn money without paying any membership dues. All orders are paid through one of the following payment methods: Paypal, Payoneer, or ePayments.

You can apply for an article author position in no time, considering all you need is a good command of English, brilliant ideas, a laptop at hand, and a high level of attention to details. To pass a test and write a test essay, you will be given slightly more than an hour, and the approval process doesn't require much time as well.

As soon as we’re good to go, you can start taking orders that look appealing. The pool of assignments is at your disposal 24/7. Thus, you can take an order that fits your niche the most any time of the day. Once you prove your loyalty, we will pay you even twice a month if you want, which is of great importance especially when you rely on your salary for your bills to be met.

Our services are expanding at a fast pace; therefore, we hire authors daily to help us in completing a countless number of orders that we receive from our clients continually. If you have a knack for writing, then don't hesitate to join our team of talented authors and build your career in such a perspective industry with us!


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